One Year Contract

$25.00 per Month

Monthly Contract

$35.00 per Month + $20 for each additional spouse/dependent

Weekly Rates

$20.00 per Week

$15.00 NEW Registration Fee



All members will be required to show a membership card at the
front desk before entering the facility,

Members must be 18 yrs old to join. 13-18 years old must have the
signature of the parent/guardian.

Appropriate dress is required under the discretion of the fitness employees.

Please use the machines properly. An orientation is available.

We reserve the right to change the hours and service at any given time.

Members should return all equipment to the proper location after they use it.

Please communicate with us, we would appreciate any suggestions
you may have to improve our facility.

We ask that members please do not bring children under the age of 13

Membership includes use of the weight room equipment, cardio equipment, racquetball court,
walk in Jacuzzi, walk in sauna and pool.