Rental Terms

Rental Terms:

All tenants will receive free membership to our Eighth St. Fitness Gym

You will also receive water, sewer, trash, and basic cable television

No pets or smoking allowed: If caught, you will be charged a $500 fine


No Tenant shall sublease or allow any other people to stay or occupy the apartment without the consent of the owners or manager. $400 a month will be charged to the original person who signed for the lease or apartment. Guest or relatives of such person, if staying overnight more than 2 days must have written permission from owners.

All Blan Property Management Apartments are designed for young adult, student, and working adults only. Teenagers 13 years and older will be considered adults and will be allowed in the fitness center.

Owners reserve the right to enter and replace the air filter once a month upon notification.

Any apartments found being abused for any reason (including dirty living conditions) will be evicted and have 3 days to vacate the premises and will forfeit their deposit.

$25.00 per day will be charged after a 3 days grace period. If not paid, money will be subtracted from your deposit.  If you do not pay in full by 5 days, you will be evicted.

Tenants are required to give 30 days notice in writing before they move and will be responsible for paying rent through the end of this notice

No BARBEQUE appliances with in 10FT. From an existing structure

Violation of any part of these terms shall be cause for eviction under the appropriate sections of Arizona Revised Statues and applicable codes. In case of court action, the prevailing party shall recover court costs and reasonable attorney’s fees.